Frequently Asked Questions

What are your ‘busy’ times?

We have a broad demographic at the gym so have different groups who prefer to come at different time which is great because the gym is never overcrowded! Our busiest time is around the 5.30pm mark, but you will never have to wait for equipment.

What happens with my membership if I go away on holiday?

With most memberships we offer a hold allowance so you can stop your payments when you’re away.

Can I just come to the gym? How important is it for me to be focusing on nutrition as well?

Nutrition and exercise work in conjunction with each other. Evidence suggests weight loss depends on 70% nutrition and 30% exercise. Good nutrition in conjunction with exercise doesn’t just bring a weight loss benefit, but will give rise to phenomenal health effects in all life stages. For example, getting the right essential nutrients from a young age can decrease your risk of osteoporosis.

I am young, and considered a healthy weight, is nutrition still important for me?

Absolutely! When you are young you have the chance to seriously decrease your risk of debilitating diseases in the future (just to name one amazing benefit). For example, when you hit 30 years old, you can no longer increase your bone mineral density. This means that before you hit 30 years old you need to be focussing on the right diet and exercise to get it as high as possible while you still have the chance. After 30 years old we only have the ability to maintain our bone mineral density so it is equally important to continue to keep up good nutrition and health habits to maintain your bone mineral density. The choice of a quality, long life is yours, why would you not take the opportunity?