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After Spending many years in the hospitality industry Kirstie found a new Love. Kirstie and her team are on a mission to help women  recognize their full potential and happiness.

Facilities at Inspiring Women include sauna, GHD room, private showers,  extensive gym equipment.

We offer group fitness classes, personal training, personalised nutrition programs, on-site beautician and free child-minding.

Our beauty salon offers skin, massage and pamper package delivered by qualified beauty technicians.

Our in-house nutritionists can provide you with a comprehensive eating plan to meet your health and weight goals.

Our Inspiring Women team offer monthly events to inform and inspire our wonderful members.

We have a variety of group fitness classes (cardio, yoga, pilates, etc,) that will suit your needs.

Our personal trainers can work with you to create the perfect exercise plan to meet your fitness and health goals .

Read about what our Inspiring Women have been up to and get some fitness, beauty and nutrition tips along the way.

“We love helping women achieve anything they set their mind to. Whether you dream big or small, we will welcome you, support you and inspire you today, tomorrow and every day.”

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We believe that it is important for everyone to find the right gym to fit their personal and fitness needs. At Inspiring Women, a women’s only gym, we understand how the female body ages and how to ensure that you can get the best out of any fitness and exercise regime.

Our personal trainers can tailor a special exercise and nutrition plan to ensure you look and feel great – no matter what age you are!